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lean back and enjoy the show - mostly friends only

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Me, TeeJay

My motto:
The trick is to assume your life is going to work out. Of course it never does, so you do the next best thing: You take it one disaster at a time.

My age:
Seasoned. Well, sorta. Starts with a 3 and still will for a few years.

My thing:
Casual gal, computer geek, TV show and cinema junkie, chris-marquette.com and peterouterbridge.net webmistress, Trekkie (wishful-thinkingly not the dorky kind), photography nerd, fan fiction author and obsessee, anglophile. That doesn't quite cover it, but it's a start.

My newbie speech:
I wanna add: Newbies welcome! If you've stumbled across my journal through my fan fiction and have contemplated leaving a comment but have been feeling too shy to do so, all I can say is: Don't. I mean, don't be shy! Any fan fiction writer loves feedback, be it a long ramble about why the story spoke to you, or just a simple "I liked your story." Feedback can make a world of difference, and I can assure you, you wouldn't believe how ridiculously happy it makes me to open my e-mail in the morning and see a whole bunch of LJ comment notifications.

My pedestal:
Also (and it is totally beyond me how anyone could put me on a pedestal, but I've heard it happens), I'm just a geek like you and me. I work a full time job and spend my spare time reveling in guilty indulgences such as watching too much TV or spinning more fanfic scenarios in my head than any sane mind should. I spend too much time in front of the computer, ingest too many unhealthy things (preferably chocolate) and try to go to yoga class once a week. I live in a rented apartment, drive a medium-sized hatchback (named Jake) and am neither fat nor skinny. I have bad hair days, am a total tomboy and never use make-up. Seriously, I couldn't be more normal. (Hm, okay, maybe I could, but still...)

My friending policy:
My LJ is mostly friends only, except for fan fiction and graphics stuff. I rarely post personal entries that aren't f-locked. My friending policy is pretty laid-back. If you wanna put me on your f-list, please do – though I will look at your journal and profile before I decide to friend you back. Also, I tend to vent at times, and when I do, I'm not afraid to use choice words. Just thought I'd warn ya...

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